Session 1

  • Introduction to Photography.
  • Discuss photography in general, the rights and wrongs, elements of design and the application of design in photography, question answers, sharing experiences and thoughts. How to explore our imagination, to develop an eye of a photographer.
  • Discussion on stock images offered by the teacher.
  • Discussion on assignments, the objective being experimentation, determination and how to creatively deal with everything.
  • Regular class talks on experiences and the student’s know-how on lighting and composition.
  • Little assignment provided to the students as homework (camera shake practice).
  • Objective: to create an understanding between the teacher and the students, verbally and mentally.



Session 2

  • Explaining the manual function of todays’ SLR cameras shown by the teacher, how to hold a camera properly, and its functions in detail. Detail on how a manual camera works. Study of Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Depth of Field, Lenses, and all the related terms in Photography.
  • Know-how on compositions.
  • Fun class assignment by taking pictures – focus being on compositions and lighting.
  • Homework (5 pictures each), on lighting and composition.
  • Showing good compositions and lighting from stock images.



Session 3

  • Review of every student of their project.
  • Questions and answers on the study of Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Depth of Field, lenses, and all the related terms in Photography.
  • Explain about underexposed and overexposed (how do we do it?)
  • Discussion on Photography from magazine ads.









Session 4

  • Interesting outdoor class group assignment using digitally manual cameras, purpose being play of aperture and shutter speed, intentionally taking the wrong reading and seeing its results.
  • Presenting outdoor shoots on Projector of each student. Class discussion on all pictures, how better we can make the pictures.
  • Introduction to Colour Theory.
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop.


Students will be constantly enrolled with exciting yet intense Photography assignments based on their learning where they will be in-touch with the teacher for guidance and encouragement at all stages.




Session 1

  • Introduction to Lighting.
  • Students are asked to think of a theme. It will be based on lighting and composition. The students would be motivated to think on creative terms. A discussion would also take place on different themes, the students would also be allowed to speak on topics or issues they would want to make people aware of. It can be an awareness campaign, can be based on colour theories, or portraying a story through photographs, it is an open ground.

Objective: How interesting can you make PHOTOGRAPHY!

  • Continuation on Adobe Photoshop.
  • Fun assignment: to start making a photographic Visual Diary of your own, comments, thoughts, sketches, pictures (personal or commercial), etc.


Session 2

  • Final topics discussed and decided, typed in concept to be handed over to the teacher.
  • Discussion on pictures taken by the student individually related to the project.
  • Learning and experimentation on Depth of Field.
  • Discussing about all kinds of studio lights.
  • Learning on flash, shooting table, reflector.
  • Continuation on Adobe Photoshop.

Session 3

  • COMPLETE learning of Adobe Photoshop with respect to Design and Photography.
Note: Students will be learning full Professional Editing lessons, Backgrounds, Abstract Merging, Macro Photography, Detailing, Skin tone Editing, Special Effects, and much much more.


  • Questions and Answers related to the project and the software.







Session 4

  • Final enlargements with portfolios and check on visual diary. Students will be taught how to mount pictures professionally and learn the art of display. An exhibition will be organized where students will display their work in their own way. Student will present their work where their work will be judged by the jury.
  • Introduction to Special Effects.



Special Effect Photography:


Students will be taught at least 6 advanced special effects, which would be a very detailed study of photography and the camera usage with respect to special effects. The students would expert in the correct handling and manipulation of the camera, making the viewer to stop at the picture and think how the photograph has actually been shot!


The special effects are as follows:


  • Star Trekking
  • Zooming
  • Panning
  • Silhouette
  • Bulb
  • Multiple Exposure


A detailed portfolio will be made by the students which will be then exhibited.




Advanced Photography Course is all about students specializing in a specific field.


In this Course students will be taught all fields of Photography. Fashion Photography, Product Photography, Abstract Photography, Macro and Still Life.



Choice of Field:


After an intense study and assignments on all Photography fields, the students will have a choice of the field they want to concentrate on. They would by then realize where their strengths and weaknesses are. I’m here to strengthen their weaknesses and polish their strengths. The students will have the freedom to choose any field in which they want to base their career on, and master in it!


Students will be exhibiting their final work where a jury will judge their Photographic skills, Art of display, Colour Theory, Composition, Choice of Theme, and will be graded for them to Certified from the institute.







Prerequisite Equipments from Student:


  • SLR Camera with known brands like Nikon, Canon, Olympus or Sigma
  • Tripod



Do’s and Don’ts:



  1. Students are responsible for any breakage or damage of any equipment
  2. The management is not responsible for any loss or damage of any equipment of student
  3. All the equipments must be labeled by the students
  4. The students must remove their footwear before entering the Photography Class
  5. The students need to complete their entire course with assignment to get certificate
  6. The student need to make their own arrangements for print outs
  7. Students must maintain discipline and orderliness in the class