ISA – International Smart Accountant

International Smart Accountant (ISA)

Course Content


Manual Accounting system (10 Hrs)


Basics of Accounting

Principles of Accounting

Theory and practical Classes up to finalization

Features of accounting software

Self Assessment Test


Peachtree (15 Hrs)


A short class about Peachtree accounting software and its advantages

Lab Assignment 1 – Creating a new company


II.     Peachtree Accounting System Exercises

General Ledger

Lab assignment Entering General Journal

Creating General Ledger

Entering General Ledger

Producing report


Lab assignment 3

Beginning Balance and Recurring Entry

Print out Example of General Journal


Lab assignment 4

Overall Review of General Ledger


Accounts Payable

Lab assignment 5

Accounts Payable (Vendor File)

Lab assignment 6

Enter Inventory Items

Lab assignment 7

Enter Purchase Order

Lab assignment 8

Enter Vendor Invoice

Lab assignment 9

Enter Payment

Lab assignment 10

Recurring Accounts Payable (Optional)


Accounts Receivable

Lab assignment 11 – Setup Tax Authorities Rate and Sales Tax Codes

Lab assignment 12 – Enter Customer

Lab assignment 13 – Enter Sales/Invoice

Lab assignment 14 – Adjust Inventory



Lab assignment 15 – Payroll Setup

Self Assessment Test



Quick Books (15Hrs)


A short class about Quick Books accounting software and its advantages

Lab assignment 1

Set up a new company

Lab assignment 2

Customizing the Chart of Accounts

Lab assignment 3 & 4

Receiving payments

Lab assignment 4 & 5

Making payments

Lab assignment 6

Write Schedules

Lab assignment 7

Create Customer,

Lab assignment 8

Create Supplier

Lab assignment 9

Create Employee Databases

Lab assignment 10

Bank Reconciliation

Lab assignment 11

Enter and Pay bills

Lab assignment 12


Lab assignment 13


Self Assessment Test




DacEasy  (Hrs 15)



It includes 10 lab assignments; it will cover all the following points

Starting DacEasy, Opening the Sample Company , Changing the Business Center Password , Opening Company Files , Accounting, Order Entry, Point-of-Sale , Active/Inactive Status , Changing the Status of Account ,Purging Inactive Accounts , Changing the Status of Customers , Purging Inactive Customers , Changing the Status of Vendors , Purging Inactive Vendors , Changing the Status of Products , Purging Inactive Products, Setting the Company Logo , , Accounting Payroll, Entering Comments on General Ledger Transactions, Entering Comments on Payables Ledger Transaction, Entering Comments on Receivables Ledger Transaction, Entering Comments on Cash Receipt Transactions, Entering Comments on Cash Payment Transactions, Editing the Quotes Template etc

Self Assessment Test



Tally Content (15 Hrs)



A short class about Tally accounting software and its advantages

It includes 15 lab assignments and it will cover all the features of Tally.


Getting Functional with Tally, Company Creation, F11 Features & F12 Configurations, Setting up Account Heads, Accounting Master Creation, Payroll management, Value Added Tax (VAT)

Voucher Entry, Entering Closing Stock, -Bank Reconciliation, Auto Backup, Split Company Data

Security Control, Tally Audit, View & Print Reports

Self Assessment Test



Business Communication (Hrs 10)